Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Top 5 Favourite Christmas Songs

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2. Fairytale Of New York
3. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
4. Winter Wonderland
5. Let It Snow

Had a customer come in yesterday, and I gave her one of the new five pound notes as change. She goes out to her car, comes back in and say to me, "Are you sure this note is real?" "Yes madam, it's one of the new notes", I said. (I only ever call a customer Sir/Madam when they're irritating the hell out of me. Makes me sound more polite.) "There are new five pound notes?""Yes they match the other new £10, £20, and £50." (Sometimes I too scarcatic for my own good.) She took another look at it, and then compared it to a tenner in her purse. "Do you mind if I swap it for a normal one?", she said smiling at me as if I was an idiot. I gave her the oldest, scruffiest note in my till, but she looked happy and very smug. Safe in the knowledge that she hasn't been conned by a an criminal trying to lauder money, or a future time traveller who brought the wrong currency at the time travel beaurex d'change.

Surprisingly enough, this costomer wasn't a dotty old lady who still calculates her shopping into pounds shillings and farthings. (You know what I mean) She was a repectable looking 30ish lady who probably ate breakfast in bed while the nanny takes the children to school. But she hadn't head about the new five pound notes. Even with all the publicity about serial numbers rubbing off. She'd probably be most upset if she knew all the other customers burst into fits of giggles when she left. People should be more aware of whats going on in the world.


Sunday, December 22, 2002

The Eternal Christmas Question

Why are there so many people out shopping? It's the weekend before Christmas. You should be at home with your families, wrapping presents and baking mince pies. Christmas is on December 25th every year. Shops have had wrapping paper, stuffing, and presents in stock since September. In my little corner of the retail empire, people are whining because we've run out of Christmas cards, and why don't we sell matching xmas tableware. And this is in the petrol station. Well you should have got them 2 months ago with the normal people. Or like me half price in last years January sales.

People also want to know why we're shut on Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. Erm...because we want a day off as well. After two weeks of being run off our feet we'd like to have few relaxing days off before we come back to customers moaning about how the forgot to buy milk and had to drink their coffee black for two days. And its our fault because we were shut. Ooooh tradegy.

Why are people so surprised when their credit/debit cards don't authorise? They must know that there is no more money in the bank, or that they're up to their credit limit. And they try and blame it on me. Yes I have a magic button that drains peoples bank accounts. I wish. ( Especially if the money went into my account)

I love Christmas. Not.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Haven't even started my new OU course yet. Been busy doing Xmas stuff. I will start it soon. Promise. :-S

Favourite Things Of The Week:

Film : Anita And Me
Book: Ian McEwan - Enduring Love
Song: Its What I Go To School For - Busted
Food: Malteasers

Well my memory card came yesterday. This tiny weenie card came is gigantic A3 envelope. Wrapped in a ton of bubblewrap. This is what I paid 7 quid for?

Also went to see the film Anita And Me , which is based on the novel by Meera Syal, from Goodness Gracious Me. This is a very girlie film with lots of funy moments. And lots of senventies music and fashion. Very groovy.

Monday, December 16, 2002

Went to the pub quiz last night and we came first. Won a tenner each. Nice. The questions were about tv and xmas songs, things I actually know about. Which makes a change.

Kind of getting my website sorted. I've done the important stuff like making it look pretty. All I need to do now is find some intellegent things to put in it.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Ignore this:

Hex colours for blog background:
Dark: #78A9D9 R: 120 G: 169 B: 217
Light: #94C2E4 R: 148 G: 194 B: 228

Vikings, kittens, and Led Zeppelin...I've seen it all.

Went shopping today at the local shopping mall. By some miracle I got charged half price child fare on the bus. I can only asume that it was because I had my hood over my head and not because of the masses of spots on my face.

I found a website that sells camera memory cards even cheaper than the half price ones in Argos, so I brought one from there instead. Used the money I saved to buy a case for my camera.

Also brought these groovy mini hot pack things you can use to keep your hands warm. You're meant to be able to activate them when you want by clicking the metal disc inside, and you can recharge them by boiling in hot water for 10 mins. But does mine work? No. Grrr. Not so groovy after all. :(

Friday, December 13, 2002

Got into the festive spirit today by buying some fairy lights and a fibre optic xmas tree. Now my bedroom window is the best lit on one the block. (Although that isn't saying much, there's isn't any competition.)

If anyone has some spare change and would like to buy me a christmas present. This would solve some of my transportation needs.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Hahahaha. This is very amusing.

Had a Delia Smith moment after work when I brought the Mincemeat and pastry mix which was on Buy One Get One Free. But will I have another Delia Smith moment and actually make some mince pies?

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Favourite Things Of The Week

Song: Daniel Bedingfield - If Your Not The One
Food: Morrisons Milk/White Chocolate Buttons
Film: All About My Mother (Todo Sobre Mi Madre)

I brought a new digital camera yesterday. A very groovy addition to my collection of gadgets. I also brought a bigger memory card so I can store more pictures. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock at my branch of Argos. So I'll be trapsing to the deepest darkest depths of Kent to pick one up. I think its worth it to save £25 quid. And I can probably take some pictures of cows or sheep while I'm there.

Been taking practice pictures of things around my house with the new camera. I really like the zoomy thing. Here is a very cute close up picture of my cat, Crispin. Its a bit big, so it might take a while to load up.

It's the staff Christmas dinner at work tomorrow so I think I'll take some blackmailing pictures of the male senior management dressed up as panto dames. Or just the burnt turkey.

The camera can make short movies as well. But you won't be seeing any avi files of me pole dancing, or stripping. Well not until I work out how to use it.....


Saw Deathwatch at the cinema last night. Hmm what can I say about this film? Well, I wasn't exactly impressed. It was about a lost group of WW1 soldiers who come across some mysterious German trenches, and basically start killing each other off. If you're upset that I've ruined the film for you, don't be. That was the WHOLE plot.

This is what happens when you want to go to the cinema while James Bond and Harry Potter are out. If you've already seen them, then all you have left are the arty, dodgy films. Lord Of The Rings is out next week. I hope that will be better.


Monday, December 09, 2002

So as I was saying, I've just finished my first Open University course, Maths For Science . After four years of being a slave to the retail industry I've decided to at least pretend that I want to get a "proper job". One involving a degree and earning lots of money. I decided against going to a "real" university, partly due to a severe lack of money, (don't you love this Labour government?) and knowing that I would go completely bonkers if all I had to look forward to was studying and a little part time checkout job down Morrisons. ("Are these taters on 3 for 2?")

So "The Plan", (I do like inverted commas, in case you haven't noticed, and brackets, and spelling mistakes, and commas....) is to get a BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences degree. Maybe with Earth Sciences. The maths course was just a taster to get me prepared for the big one, Discovering Science , that I probably should have started two weeks ago.

These "educators" at the OU neglected to tell us students that the course they said started in February 2003, actually started in November 2002. They've changed the website, prospectus, course literature etc etc now, and given us extensions on our first assignment so all is forgiven....for now.

This degree should take about 7 years, and I'd rather not work out exactly what year that will be, and how old I'd be. But expense wise I won't be in debt. I also won't have been commited to the nearest lynatic asylum for not being able to cope with all these potatoes. Spending my spare time doing science should hopefully cure my addiction to the internet as well.

Back to the Maths. It was mainly stuff that I did at A Level, but with a scientific twist. Not very useful in the real world. I have to do an online test in January, but I have four weeks to do that. I also have a groovy java scripted cheat to help me solve quadratic equations. Yay!


I have just finished the textbook for my first OU course, and being at a loose end for a bit I've decided to start writing a weB LOG of my crazy life, for all my stalkers to read. So enjoy, and if you want to send me your underwear, please wash it first. Thank you :)


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