Saturday, February 01, 2003

Yes I know. I havent posted for a while. Bad Kat. Naughty Girl. I have been busy though. Honest.

I had the Flu. Flying snot and computers don't mix very well I'm afraid. Looking at the screen was making my eyes very sore as well, so I had complete computer rest for a while.

I've also been selling my wares on Ebay. All those dodgy DVDs I watched once, and never again. And people are actaully buying them. To see what I have left click here.

I've been getting stuck into my OU work. Dispite the flu I managed to get my first assignment done, and I got it back today. I got 82%, which I *think* is good. It was only a practice assignment, and doesn't count towards my final mark. So I'll probably get 28% when it does matter. My second section starts today, and I have to do a precipitaion experiment, where I measure rainfall for a month. Although at the momnt its going to be snowfall though. Hope the beakers won't explode in the cold.

I've also become addicted to the BBC webgame Celebdaq. This is taking up too much of my time, lol. I've also created a surprisingly popular MSN community. Also called Celebdaq. The official BBC boards are emptying as more and more people find my chat room. I don't think the BBC like me. *grin*


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