Monday, June 02, 2003

My credit card company has made a really bad mistake.

They're giving me a GOLD card.

Are they mad? Someone has pressed the wrong button somewhere. Or else the sneaky bastards have realised that I've stopped using my classic card. (Paid it off and stopped spending for a while.) And they are trying to entice me to spend again.

They're right.

"I'll pay with my Gold Card please..."


Favourite Songs - Gay Bar/Electric Six Crash and Burn/Busted
Favourite Food - Cola Bottle sweets
Favourite Show - 24
Favourite Drink - Pressed Apple Juice
Favourite Thing - Air Conditioning

Another amusing story, that was probably only funny if you were there at the time.

I come in for the late shift to find the department in a mess. EDM's day off, and my Comrade Supervisor has had a nightmare morning. Only her, the new guy, and a part timer in. And the tills had gone down in the morning. So not alot had been done.

Shortly after I started, the SGM, and the Deputy Manager comes in. They do the white glove test, and moan about a few things. Then they notice a single can of de icer on the counter that a customer must have brought back, or someone had found hiding in a cupboard. And the managers start being "witty" about how we must sell alot what with it being the middle of summer and all. So CS says that actually someone brought a can last week. This set them off even more.

(Men can be "so funny" when there are two of them laughing at each others jokes.
-"Oh you're so funny"
-"No, you're funnier"
-"No you are" etc ad nausem)

So I say "Well maybe they wanted to defrost their freezer? Or get rid of some chewing gum. Or do some ice sculpting..."
Dumb and Dumer looked at each other then at me and said, "Oh thats VERY good", and left.

Before I could make then look like even bigger idiots.

If only they knew about here...


Had an amusing week at work.

We've had a problem with the alarms in the garage. In the middle of the night, they'd go off for no apparent reason. So the Night Manager would have to go over and sort it out. So one night, the night management called out the alarm company to find out the problem. Between them and ADT, they figured out it was the over night polls from the tills that was tripping the alarm. Once the till report got to a certain length it would roll over, drop to the floor and set the alarm off. ADT suggests that we put boxes over the printers every night so the movement wouldnt be seen by the alarm sensors.

Problem solved.

Next morning, I come in and the night manager hands over and tells me all whats gone on. I suggest putting carrier bags over the printers as they are easier to find than right sized boxes. NM thinks this is a good idea and says she will report everything to the Store General Manager. NM comes back with the SGM to check everything out and he approves our idea with the bags.

My Evil Department Manager comes in after lunch for the late shift. I report to her everything thats gone on. That the night manager solved the problem with the alarm. That I had the idea about the bags. That the store manager knows everything.

I come in the next morning to find a very amused night manager. When handing in the garage keys to the NM, my evil department manager informed her that SHE had solved the problem with the alarms, and that SHE had come up with the bag solution. The Night manager had great fun telling her that she knows what really happened, because like SHE WAS THERE...

Makes me wonder what other stuff the EDM has been taking credit for...


Sunday, June 01, 2003

Just finished TMA 05, and have had it with balancing chemical equations, isotopes, and everything else related to science. GRRRR. So am having a couple of days break to recharge before getting into more chemistry. I can't wait to get into biology again.


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