Sunday, September 28, 2003

Never open a box of Ferrero Rocher upside down..

"Ambassador, why are all your chocolates squashed?"


Went to see David Blaine yesterday. (Only because it was a geocache...honest guv.) He was standing up, walking around, and waving at the public. All the boats that went past beeped their horns at him. He seemed most impressed with that.

There were hundreds of people milling around. To be honest its more interesting to watch the crowd. All those Burberry clad teenagers screaming "DAVID WE LOVE YOU!!!!" All wondering how he's managing it.

What was extremely entertaining was the contortionist at the other end of the park, who managed to sqeeze herself in a very very tiny perpex box. Until security moved her on because more people were watching her than Blaine.

There is definitely something in the water...

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Over the past fortnight I have seen 3 films at the cinema.

Last week on bargain tuesday I saw Tears Of The Sun. Now I love Bruce Willis films, but this one...Well it was a really good film. I just did not like it. Innocent people getting killed isn't really my thing.

Saturday I saw The Italian Job. Now this film was entertaining, and amusing in places. However, I was expecting more tension. The whole "will they/won't they" do it, was lacking. I was also expecting a vauge ending like the original as well. Never mind.

Yesterday I saw Underworld. Vampires v Werewolves. Erm very interesting. Hmm. I did like the way they made it very vague about which city it was set in though.

In the news - MSN to shut down chat rooms.

MSN claim its because they are concerned about child safety.

However I think its more of a cost cutting exercise. They are slowly getting rid of all their free services. They've removed the free calanders from MSN groups, unless you subscribe to MSN8. They've reduced the size of your hotmail inbox, and cut back on other things unless you pay 20 quid a year.

The chatrooms cannot be making MSN any profit. Other than the banners at the top they can't be receiving any money from them. The chat rooms associated with groups are probably more profitable because people browse the communites, and therefore see more adverts. While in a chat room you just see the one at the top.

If MSN were really concerned about children, they would do more to control chat, other than just getting rid.

Maybe Bill Gates is down to his last billion and can't afford free entertainment for the millions of people who buy his computers/software/operating systems?

I bet MSN groups are next on the hit list.


Sunday, September 21, 2003

Six days to go to post my ECA. I've done the first part which is a load of maths...

The second part is an essay on whether we have enough technology to detect another Earth like planet in the universe.

I'll let you know...

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Just brought some nice perfume. Burberry Weekend. (God I'm turning into an Essex Girl) Came with a free Burberry toiletries bag...which is nice. But I think I'll sell it on ebay. Maybe some Essex Girl will buy it..

Friday, September 19, 2003

I hate middle shifts, 10-7..


Thursday, September 18, 2003

Now this is looking good. :-)

I went to blogskins to find better skin for my blogs. I found a nice green one for my geocaching blog. Looking at the HTML for it, I decided that it wasn't too hard to design one's own.

So I went to Groovy Lizard, which is my favourite webset site. I downloaded "The Runiciple Cat", and started playing around with it in Front Page Express. I'm still not 100% happy with it. But it looks ok.Then added the blog tags.

Now I know how to do this, I might start designing my own blog templates. When I learn how to be colour co ordinated...

I also added some annotation from Enetation so get commenting!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hey hey site is updated...

Favourite Food: Cheese and tomato pasta
Favourite Drink: Baileys
Favourite Film: 8 Women
Favourite Song: Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks
Favourite Gadget: GPSr

Two days blogging in a row.. Wow must lie down.. Room spinning..

We've been having various issues with things being fixed at work. One certain item has been out of action for over a year now.

Unfortunately to fix it involves complicated work done by contractors. Technicians, electricians, builders etc. One set of contractors will turn up, fiddle about, and then say they can't do anything cos the the other contractors need to do stuff first. Ad Nauseum. The people from head office who are in charge of sorting this are bloody useless.

Left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Left hand doesn't know what the left is doing either. *grin*

Anyway our resident crusader/JCC, Union, and health and safety rep/training buddy has been on the case.

He's taken it up with out store response.
He's taken it up with the woman from head office whose job is it to sort this joy.
He's taken it up with our area manager, regional manager, and one of the company directors, and they all pass the blame and have done nothing about it.

0900 yesterday morning a letter arrive on the desk of company chairman Sir Ken.

0905 we got a phone call saying the woman from head office, whose job it is to sort this out, is coming down to sort it out. She, our line manager, and the resident crusader have a not very nice meeting. But it looks like things will be getting fixed.

Loving your work Sir Ken xxx

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Oooooooh yes. I'm going to a ball. At CAFA. Unfortunately I have to wear a dress, no black trousers for me. the ball gown I wore last time doesn't fit me anymore. But at least I get to go shopping. Yay!

Hello again. Remember me?

Just discovered two of my celedaq maties, DaveP and Helen have blogs, and they have much more stuff on it than mine. The shame, the shame.


Have a new blog for my geocaching stuff. Looks raw at the moment, but I've been posting on it more than this one.

Health watch: Just got over a boat of larygitis. (Yeah who cares how its spelt.)

Filmwatch: Just been to see Tears Of The Sun. Its a really really good film. Unfortunately I didn't like it. Too much violence, sad bits, and blood. Bruce Willis looked alright though :-)



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