Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Real life has taken over yet again.

Have a brand spanking new computer. Which I have been playing with for the past couple of weeks.

I realised I needed a new one, when I discovered there are mp3 players with bigger hard drives than my little one. (The shame)

As I now have loads of hard drive space, I have been putting new programs on it to play around with. I now have a couple of new web design programs so I should be redesigning a few things soon.

My first attempt was the Celebdaq homepage. Redesigned with Paint Shop Pro 8, and Frontpage 2003. Still not happy with it though.

I still haven't found a dress for the ball. Although I have lost enough weight to fit into the one I wore 2 years ago. So at least I can wear it in an emergency. Would like a new one though.

Oh and I'm organising Secret Santa for my department at work, and Celebdaq. What have I let myself in for?


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