Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I've just brought myself the rather funky Motorola V300 phone. Other a few teething problems, I think we are going to get on nicely until the next upgrade. It has a digital camera, GPRS wap, mp3 ringtones, voice memo, moto mixer ringtone dj, cool games, and an instant messenger option I haven't worked out yet.

Anyway back to the teething problems. Being used to the Nokia 3510i I had a few problems with the wap. Firstly, I couldn't figure out how to type in bookmarks manually and offline, which saves a lot of money. I also couldn't figure out how to save the current page, or bypass the annoying t mobile homepage, seeing as there didn't seem to be a specific web access page. Just the link to T Zones.

Turns out this is a T Mobile infected phone, designed to have us spend as much money as possible on the wap.

Anyway, I found this website, which is full of Motorola phone users, and learnt how to bypass all my problems.


The web access page is hidden in the organiser menu next to the calculator, and the calander. WHY??? But I can access my bookmarks from there. I still can't enter them manually, offline, but I've found out that GPRS wap charged per data downloaded, so I can take as long as I like to type something in.

I have also learnt to how to create ringtones from mp3's, as well as screensavers and wallpaper. And if I upload them to my website, and type the address into the wap phone, I can download them without using a usb cable or paying fees. (Just the download data)


If I want to I can even upload software to unblock the t mobile stuff, or upgrade the phone to a V600. But I think I'll leave that for now.

Anyway, this is not a phone for a first time user, and if you are used to a Nokia, good luck...


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