Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ooooh, and I've added myself to the British Bloggers webring, and they let me!

Maybe I'll get some readers now.


Its that time of year where I have to go through the trauma of buy a ball gown. Have a Scouts Ball to go to at CAFC again.

Have found this one in Debenhams which looks nice and is on sale. Bet it won't be when I find time to try it on, or they won't have my size.

All the December christmas magazines will be coming out shortly, so I can take a look throught them for ideas. My subscription to Good Housekeeping comes in handy for something. ;)

TPTB sacked someone over the weekend for stealing.

They told her that hey suspected her of stealing and suspended her for 24 hours, until a disciplinary hearing the next day.

She turned up, they said they knew she had been stealing, and told her everything that had gone missing on her shifts.

She cracked and confessed to everything, so obviously they called the police who arrested her.

Now, the only evidence they had on her was stuff had gone missing on her shifts. No eye witnesses, no video tape. Just lots of statements from us saying she will always lift money from the till then go to the toilet. (Always the first clue to a thief)

If she was a clever person, she shouldn't have turned up to the hearing. They would have just sacked her, because they had enough reason to do that.

But she confessed. So now she has no job, and a criminal record.

Oh recruitment didn't check out her references, until the disciplinary. She'd been sacked from her last job for the same thing. (Where's my hitting my head on the wall emote?)

I have managed to buy the same pair of boots twice. How daft am I?

It just shows how I used the same logic to buy shoes. I hate buying shoes

I just bascially went to an online catalogue (possibly my first mistake) and brought the cheapest pair of real leather boots. Twice. Six months apart.

Good job they are on 14 days return. Maybe they should have had a bigger picture.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
So please put a penny
In the old man's hat.

Am now spending most of my free time (lots of it!) reading Harry Potter fan fiction, or downloading tv programmes that have been recently shown in the US.

My favourites are:
Joan of Arcadia (Religous in a good way)
7th Heaven (Relious in a bad way)
Star Trek Enterprise
Hex (Actually on Sky1 which I don't have)

The lastest episode of Everwood had a great quote which comes from the english translation of Bach's Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring:

Defy the old Dragon,
defy the jaws of death,
defy fear as well!
Rage, oh world, and quake,here I stay,
singing in perfect peace!

That sounds just like me. Going flipping mental and then just singing about it and annoying every one.

Finally managed to send my rocks back to the OU. Feel better about it now because I have found out I get 30 rocks coming with my new course, and a microscope. :D

Saturday, October 16, 2004

So I've finished downloading Bride and Prejudice, and its all been dubbed into Indian. GRRRRRR

Also been making the most of my time off work with no studying to do. Been playing with Paint Shop Pro and my digital camera.

Friday, October 15, 2004

No one wants to see Bride and Prejudice with me at the cinema. I'm so sad. :(

Have been trying to download it from BT but its taking F O R E V E R.

48 hours to go, and has been for the past 2 days.

The OU have sent me a letter saying they want the home study kit back.

I knew it was too good to be true. The pretty rocks could have been a nice gift for all the stress of S267 over the past year. But oooh no, got to send it back.

(I know that next years pupils need them, but I'm still sulking!)

Just need to find a box big enough to put them in. I threw out the one it came in.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Below is a list of the courses I am taking or will be taking for my OU degree in Natural Sciences. I need a total of 360 points for a BSc (Hons). If I pass the two courses I took this year I will have 120 points. A third of the way there. :D 2005 will be the big year where I do 80 points, involving two exams and a residential school. Will I survive to see 2006? I doubt it. Took the S267 exam today. Not as bad as I was dreading, but it will be touch and go as to whether I pass or not. I should pass SXR103 with a decent(ish) mark.

Courses Already Taken And Passed
Maths for Science (S151) (10)
Discovering Science (S103) (60)
Fossils and the History of Life (S193) (10)

Currently Studying (Awaiting Results)
Practising Science (SXR103) (10)
How the Earth Works: The Earth's Interior (S267) (30)

Registered For (Or will be...)
Geology (S260) (30)
Science Matters (S280) (30)
The Geological History of the British Isles (SXR260) (10)
Explaining the Emergence of Humans (S292) (Nov) (10)

Possible Future Courses
The Environmental Web (U316) (60)
Oceanography (S330) (30)
Understanding the Continents (S339) (30)
Ancient Mountains: Practical Geology in Scotland (SXR339) (10)
Science in society project (SXN390) (30)

I did try and do this in a fancy table but I can't quite get to grips with the html on here...


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Haven't done this for a while....

Favourite Food: Chocolate cake ice cream
Favourite Book: Harry Potter 1-5
Favourite Film: Hero
Favourite Song: You Had Me - Joss Stone

Saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow at the cinema last week. Was very interesting, but I think it was aimed more at 10 year olds. Going to see Collataral Damage this week. Tom Cruise. Hmm. Ok....

Have an Evil Exam on Thursday for the OU course I'm doing this year. I will be aiming for the pass mark of 40%. Anything more will be a bonus...


Friday, October 08, 2004

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I have a rival.

Updated far more than my blog. (The shame)

Well maybe I should post all the boring, mundane stuff that has happened to me today.

Here it goes.....

Working the 6.30 to 3.30 early shift. Was meant to be doing the late, but one of my full timers asked me to swap. I wouldn't have done, but it means I get to see Green Wing and Will and Grace tonight, so there are some benefits. Also she has to do a quick turn around tomorrow so the karma does get you.

Unfortunately I was also working the late shift last night. So only a few hours sleep. After vast quantities of coffee I did manage to my normal cheery (stroopy cow) self. The asst night manager make some sarky comment about the state of the litter on the forecourt when he opened the garage up for us. I managed to drag his body the 200m to the pier, and dropped him in the Thames. No one has missed him yet.

Had a audit done today by BIG PEOPLE FROM HEAD OFFICE. We passed with flying colours (pride) The store didn't. FFPP had some problems, and I think some of the market street depts did as well. All the paperwork is up to scratch on my shift. :D

I actually had my full 30 mins breakfast today. Had a big bowl of special k, and a cup of orange juice. (Aren't allowed glasses in case we nick/smash them)

Managed to get the cigarettes picked up from the store by lunchtime. (Have to get a senior manager to get off their arse to check them off before they are allowed to leave the store.) Also did the evil rota head counts that my manager can't be bothered to do, and delegates to me.

Lunch was fresh battered fish and chips, seeing as its a Fryday. It is the best meal my canteen does, and I love it. Mmmmmm.

For some reason I actually had more than 3 members of staff in this afternoon, so I took the excess from the Home and Leisure order, and put it in the plant room. Got some change from the cash office, cleaned the back office, and brought over some till rolls.

Was I going to leave a perfect department at 3.30?


One of the lorry drivers come in with a query on his business card statement. (3.20pm) I should have said he should talk to the card issuer about any problems, but me being a nice and conscientious supervisor decided to look into it. Half hour later he is still not convinced that the inconsistency on his statement is because one of my staffed typed in the wrong reg number, and not because they charged him the wrong transaction. (Can a volvo estate hold 150 quids worth of diesel?) I told him to come back tomorrow when my manager was in. Sometimes hearing the same information from a male voice helps some types of people understand better. (sexist bastards)

Managed to clock out at 3.53pm. They'd better pay my overtime...

And what's with this ^^^^^ blue banner.....?



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