Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Todays winner of my referral of the day competition* is here. Turn your volume up, and take those sunglasses off.

*Ok I don't have a ROTD comp, but I should do.

I'm a blog tart, link mine to yours, and I'll link yours to mine. Now made easier by blogrollling.

Holy Pilgrimage

I am going on a holy pilgrimage today, to worship at the altar of shiny things, and bigger work bags. Was planning making the sacred journey at 9am, but that never happened. My eyes never see the morning sun on my days respite from peasant work.

Things I need:

  1. Ball gown, and various accessories
  2. Secret Santa gifts x 2
  3. Present for family x 100

Things I want:

  1. (Mini) iPod
  2. DVD RW
  3. Freeview box
  4. Bigger and better digital camera
  5. Books to read.
  6. Clothes I don't really need.

This is going to be a tough test of my self will and credit card limit.


Monday, November 29, 2004

Seems I am not the only person who takes everything but the kitchen sink with me to work.

This is the current contents of my work handbag....

  • Purse
  • Diary
  • Mobile
  • Book (Lunch with Mussolini by Derek Hansen)
  • AA Driver Record (15 lessons so far)
  • Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg
  • Impulse Temptation
  • Vaseline pocket size
  • Hairdresser brochure
  • Nurofen Tablets (1.5 packets)
  • Work keys (v large keyrings so I don't loose them)
  • Hand cream
  • Eye cream
  • 22p in loose change (for coffee machine at work)
  • Old ticket for the Now Show
  • Walkers Walk-o-meter
  • Mini map of London
  • Garmin eTrex (Don't ask)
  • Oyster card
  • Half packet of polos
  • Half a book of stamps
  • Wage slip
  • Gloves
  • Hairbrush
  • Hairbands x 3

I think I need to take a rucksack to work. I won't mention whats in my locker....


Friday, November 26, 2004

I've had 6 referrals today from a Hidden Referrer. MI5? NSA?

Can anyone enlighten me?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A customer wished me "Merry Christmas" yesterday. The next customer found this very amusing and wished me "Happy New Year". The next one wished me Happy Easter. I didn't find this at all funny.

We are doing a Secret Santa at work again this year. Last year was easy, I gave an inflatable punch bag to the department adolescent who loved it so much he took it straight outside to blow up on the airline.

This year I have a challenge. Through subtle espionage, I have discovered my givee would like Mulan 2 on DVD. Unfortunately this is 10 quid over budget. So I've downloaded it for her and burned it onto VCD. Now I have to find her a proper present.

Am currently eating a Waitrose trifle. Yummy, but am slowly getting fat. :S


Sunday, November 21, 2004

If anyone seems to be having problems downloading Bit Torrents from Suprnova, this website seems to be working.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Spent the last couple of days reading The Da Vinci Code. I'm sure everyone but me has read it by now. The basic story line is, a Harvard Professor is called in to help solve the murder of a museum curator, whose body is left along side some crypic codes. Along with a French cryptologist, they uncover a trail that leads to a secret society, and Da Vinci.

Brilliant book. Had me biting my nails the whole time. Its like an episode of 24, every chapter ends with a cliffhanger. People seem to really like it. Or hate it with a passion.

I've heard they are making a film of the book. With Tom Hanks as the professor, and a few english women have been picked as the cryptologist. NO, no no no no! Forest Gump cannot play someone thats meant to be a Harvard professor, and you need a french woman to play someone who is french.



Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Favourite song: Vanessa Carlton - White Houses
Favourite Book: The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
Favourite TV: Joan of Arcadia
Favourite Drink: Chocolate Mudshake
Favourite Food: Flake Praline


Monday, November 15, 2004

First day back at work after having a week off. Everyone goes off sick. Try not to take it too personally...

Had another nightmare driving lesson. Not the A2 this time. Spent two hours driving around the spine road in Thamesmead instead. Managed to forget to signal right for 8 consecutive roundabouts. Never done that before. :S

Obtained an old electric keyboard from someone. Just happens to be the same model I used at school when I was doing GCSE Music. Have had lots of fun this evening trying to remember all the bass notes, and learning to play Fur Elise.

Da da da da da da da da daaaaaaaaaa.

Going to see another Radio 4 comedy tomorrow. :D

(Must not post when tipsy)

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Am not exactly in a sober frame of mind.

Spent the day shopping. Brought a purple ball gown. Is very pretty. All floaty and sparkly. And purple. Just need to find stuff to match.

Brought some nice drink from Waitrose. La Dee Daaaaa. Coffeee in a can, AND its cheaper than Morrisons. Not so posh after all.

Brought a pretty red top from Next. Very pretty and red.

Watched Joan of Arcadia. CRIED. :(:(:( Judith died. Got stabbed like loads of times. Got the impression they introduced her character just to kill her off. The meanies. I was sad.

Went to meal at Pizza Express for friends birthday. Wore pretty red top. Had lots of wine. Waitress made mistake of leaving suggestion cards on table. We wrote lots of stuff that wasn't really helpful. (But looking forward to seeing naked chefs at Pizza express soon.) Friends boyfriend paid for half of meal which was REALLY nice.

Mistress went to see Spunge. Said it rocked.

Am now reading Harry Potter porn.

Nite nite x

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The barcode above the date says "Retail Hell". I just put it there because I thought it was cool.

I made the jpeg at this site.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Rolf Harris singing Bohemian Rhapsody.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

I've booked my driving lesson for the end of Febuary. Arghhhhhhhh.

I made my mini Christmas site last year instead of sending a proper e-greeting to all my net friends. I can't believe its still there, and I didn't delete it.


44 days to Christmas....

Looking at my referrals, a website called Blogshares has been referring me quite a bit. I assumed it was a persons blog, but its actually a blogging version of Celebdaq. Someone has added Retail Hell to their index on October 15th. People have brought shares in my blog, and voted it to be in the Womens industry, and Corparate/Working industry.

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where weblogs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog.

So by getting other people to link to my blog, I'll increase the value of mine. Hmm interesting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I've added a new blog counter to the side.

It's my new toy. Already I've had 3referrals from other blogs. A french one, a business card one, and some random british one. I presume from the bar at the top that says next blog. But its a start.

Someone is ebaying a Morrisons carrier bag, and not a fancy charity bag either. People truely will buy and sell anything.

Monday, November 08, 2004

My driving instructor said that seeing as there is a 3 month waiting list for a test, I should book it now. He think's I am ready.

I spent the whole lesson driving up and down the A2 at 70 mph. By the end of it I needed a stiff drink and a lie down.

I have whole week off work. Lots to do. Christmas presents to get. Ball gown to buy. Room to tidy. Driving lessons, a couple of radio 4 shows, and a birthday meal to go to. Busy week.

Ho hum.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Had an engagement party to go to last night. Got a phone call about 6pm to tell me that the venue had been double booked and it would now be down the road in a trendy wine bar/restaurant. Some how the club it was meant to be in booked the party in their name, but had put the receipt for the other party in the book. So they shuffled my party down road to the restaurant they also owed. Considering thatm it was a good nice and I saw a few people I don't get to see often. Definitely couldn't tell the venue was last minute.

Couldn't drink though. Had work in the morning. Grrrrr.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Glad I don't work on the Checkouts.


Tokelau is in Oceania, group of three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand.

Originally settled by Polynesian emigrants from surrounding island groups, the Tokelau Islands were made a British protectorate in 1889. They were transferred to New Zealand administration in 1925.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Went to see the Radio 4 comedy, The Pits, being recorded at the Drill Hall yesterday. Very funny sitcom about the mad musicians in an opera orchestra. Spend the whole evening trying to work out where I'd seen the bloke who plays the agent before.

Got it eventually. He's the ginger bloke from the orange adverts in the cinema.


Monday, November 01, 2004

I finally have my own domain name thanks to the nice people from the island of tk.

Use it wisely:


Things to do today:

  1. Go to Debenhams to look for a dress.
  2. Find a restaurant for my departments staff Christmas meal.
  3. Buy an outfit for an engagement party on Saturday.
  4. Work out if I will have to buy a present for the party on Saturday.
  5. Buy two different kinds of screws for the cupboard door I broke at work yesterday.
  6. Send back the new boots I brought a 2nd time

Hmm what will I get done today.


  1. I found a dress, didn't buy it.
  2. Found a possible restaurant.
  3. Brought half an outfit.
  4. Found out that I'm organising the engagement present.
  5. Brought the screws.
  6. Didn't send the boots back.

So I got most of it done....


So I want to go to Debenhams. Do I go to the nearest store (Lakeside) which is 4.6 miles away? Or the store that is 5.9 miles away? Or the third store that is 8.3 miles away?

No i'm gonig to Bromley which is a gizzillion miles away, and doesn't even feature on the list, because I only have to get 2 buses, and I can use the bus pass I get for work.

These fancy find your nearest store websites don't take this into consideration. The nearest store may only be 5 miles away but it involves a very expensive cab ride or a trip into London, and a journey down the Essex coast.

When will I pass my driving test....?


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