Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cellular Modular Interactive Odular

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Have been rather busy with study at the moment. Only one computer marked assignment and two exams left to go for this year! Am also thinking of courses for next year. Maybe astronomy.

Doing my usual studying avoiding stuff. Today's task was making an apple and blackberry crumble, and an apple pie. Yummy. Just need to learn how to make custard now.

My car is doing fine. Haven't been brave enough to do any motorway driving yet in the old banger, but I have a revision tutorial on Saturday that involves driving down the A2 and M2. My work colleagues have nicknamed the car Maizy for some strange reason...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Seven months after passing my driving test I finally have a car. So one item off my ever growing to do list has been taken care of. Damn my slothfulness.

It is a MkII Ford Fiesta, so very very old. It has a choke! I didn't even know what a choke was, as apparently the modern cars I have been driving have automatic ones. I have to pull the knob out, start the engine and push the knob back in... Oooh matron!

The car has seen better days. There are a few niggly bits I don't like, and would be crying about if I had paid a lot of money for the car, but it was the best price. FREE!

Using my newly acquired money saving skills, I got a good deal on the insurance, and my bank very kindly include breakdown cover in their not very money saving fee.

I just need some fluffy dice and steering wheel cover now. Preferably bright pink. Maybe a few teddy bears for the back shelf.

Vroom vroom.


Don't bother asking anyone who works in a petrol station about the "Petrol Strike" because we know as much as you do. It's not a strike because no one is striking, just blockading refineries. If this thing on Weds really happens I'm going to have an interesting few days. Do you really need to queue for 6 hours just to get £5 of fuel?


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