Sunday, November 27, 2005

I receive a phone call at 7.30pm.

"Could you pop down to the new Medway store and pick someone up for me", said Mrs Personnel brightly, as if she'd asked me to pick up a pint of milk from the corner shop. (Although obviously that would be silly, seeing as there’s a big fridge of the white stuff downstairs.)

"You do know that I've never driven on the motorway by myself before?" I say, remembering the one and only time that I had which was during a driving lesson. That little bit of the M25 at the Dartford Tunnel doesn't count. "My rusty old banger only has four gears!"

"You'll be fine", she says, "Took me 20 minutes this morning. Besides it will be good practice for when you are going there tomorrow to help out."

Damn I'd been caught out.

The week I had spent memorising the A-Z of Kent paid off as I arrived at the new store without incident. However it did take me 40 minutes. I suspect Mrs Personnel definition of speed limit doesn't quite match mine.

I pick the checkout operator up and drive back up the M2 and A2. We have a lovely chat and she asks me to drop her off home instead of back to work. Not to worry, she lives 5 minutes from the M25 junction and she’ll direct me.

“Take the first left once you leave the A2”, she tells me.

I take the first left, and end up on the M25.

“Opps”, she says.

“Don’t panic”, I hear myself saying while trying not to hyperventilate. “We’ll get off of the next exit, and turn around.”

I leave at the next exit, and start to relax. But where’s the roundabout to get back onto the M25? We drive past a large sign saying M20.

I ask the now terrified checkout girl if she has brought her passport and is working tomorrow, because we are clearly destined to be in Calais by morning.

Using The Force, I find the first exit, manage to turn the car around and find the M25 again. Drop the girl off from the second exit after leaving the A2 and head back to the store. It only took me 2 hours, and an extra 20 miles.

Luckily they paid me for the mileage, but I don’t think they’ll be asking me again.

The two morals of this story:

1. If you don’t want to do something, do it wrong, they will never ask you again.

2. Never ask a non driver to direct you on motorways.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves is on my Christmas List. ;)


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Currently I Am...

Reading - 44 Scotland Street - Alexander McCall Smith
Watching - Lost (Season 2)
Listening - Westlife/Anastacia/Il Divo
Eating - Turkish Delight
Drinking - Tia Maria and Coke
Burning - Insence


So why haven't I been blogging much lately....?

Real life has taken over. Not that I have been busy doing anything specific. Work is quiet (calm before the FOTCR storm) and I have no studying to do. My brain has gone to pot with the lack of being kept busy. My spare time is spent watching tv or reading. Last winter I read all the Dan Brown novels. This winter AMC. I did try and read a Patrick Moore book, honest.

Next week will be interesting as I am going on support to a newly opened store which will involve motorway driving. ARGH. But I love being nosy and the milage allowance is rather generous. Will pay for the new tyre I had to fork out for this week after one of mine punctured.

The new Harry Potter film is out next week. Yay!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I can't believe it is November already. Only 53 days till Christmas. The year has flown by. I have made a Christmas cake and have already written out my present and card list. I doubt I will be organised enough to do anything about it though until the week before when I shall be rushing around like a headless chicken.

I went over my 30Gb bandwidth last month by just a tiny bit. I hope they don't ban me, like BT did.

Rent - The Musical has been made into a film and is being released here in the UK in Febuary. I can't wait. I've already listened to the soundtrack 10 times, so far.

We have 4 new staff at work. We'll see how long they last...


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